(photo credit:  Mobwives | VH1 Renee and Karen)

This season is an exciting one for reality TV. With the premiere of the second season of MobWives and Love &Hip Hop  on VH1 and TeenMom2 on MTV.  There is much to cover on the whereabouts and whats up with these reality stars. These are the main three I will cover, just because I am obsessed with these drama packed shows. Do not be surprised if an occasional blog post or two covers another show that I might randomly watch. With that said, I will get to the goodies.

The first order of business will be giving you a background on each. These are not first seasons so you will need the 411. I will begin with Teen Mom2, Mobwives, and last but most defenitley not least, Love & Hip-Hop. I will advise to pay attention. These stories might become a challenge to follow. I will be brief, don’t worry, it’s just a blog post.

TeenMom2’s cast consists of  4 girls, Janelle, Kailyn, Chelsea, and Leah. These 4 girls all got pregnant at 16 and are now teen parents. Duh, right? Well Janelle, is always at war with the law and has lost custody of her son to her mother.  Kailyn has moved out of her ex-boyfriend , Joe, parents’ house and is living in her mother’s home with baby Isaac, Chelsea is back with her daughter’s father and is trying to make a happy home for the three of them but Adam is not the most loving boyfriend.  Leah continues doctor visit’s with her daughter, but is still doing well with her twin’s father Corey. The struggle continues in the new season which i will soon blog about, juicy details to come.

Mobwives consist of 4 girls as well, no I should say women.  Three of these women are married to Mobsters and live in Staten Island, Carla, Drita, and Renee. The fourth woman is a daughter of a Mobster,known as “Sam the Bull”, her name is Karen. The drama that was focused on in season one was the fact that Drita ended up marrying Karen’s ex mobster boyfriend Lee.  These girls got into fist brauls over it. I loved every minute of it. Now it’s up to you to watch and see who’s side you are on. Karen claimed that they were friends when Drita got with Lee, Drita says otherwise. It is a classic, “the boy is mine” scenario. The past is the past i say. “Lo que paso, paso” Season 2 will be HOT!

Love and Hip Hop is a show that follows the drama of 6 women involved with HipHop life.  Emily, Chrissy, Yandy, Kimbella, Olivia, and Somaya. Emily has a child with Fab(a rapper)  and has been known for the troublesome relationship they have due to his unfaithful behavior. In the new season Emily starts a new leaf and breaks up with Fab and is starting to establish her independence as a fashion designer and stylist. Chrissy is long-time girlfriend of JimJones(rapper) and thier relationship is highlighted on the show, she is his right hand and is waiting for an engagement ring and for thier relationship to get to the next level. Yandy is JimJones and Juelz Santant long-time manager. Kimbella is a model, actress, singer who is in a relationship with JimJones’ brother Juelz Santana(the brothers rap together in a group call Dipset) Kimbella is not very liked by the group and stirs the pot in the new season. Olivia is a struggling R&B/HipHop artist who has been signed and dropped from two labels, one of them being, 50 cents’ G-Unit.  The show highlights her and her manager’s struggle to make her famous. Finally there is Somaya. In my opinion she adds comedic relief to the show in her struggle to be taken seriously as a latin female rapper. She is a peculiar character and is shown bickering with her equally peculiar manager, Maurice.

I promise the blog posts will be more fun to read, this first blog was strictly business to give you guys a little re-cap.