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This post is a little different today. IT’S T-SHIRT TIME! Yeap, new season of Jersey Shore premiered yesterday and I have recently added it as a category on this blog.  The crazy crew is back from Italy where they filmed season 4. They are back at Seaside for season 5. They are welcomed with a surprise seemingly coordinated by their boss.  This family reunion type event was pleasant for the cast but of course it brought some drama, for two of the members of the Jersey Shore house at least. The two lucky winners were Vinnie and Snooki.

For Vinnie; having his family there released a rollercoaster of emotions for him. He was ecstatic and beyond happy to see his family. However, seeing them slapped him like a ton of bricks and made him realize how homesick he actually is. Poor Vinny is depressed. We’ll see if he gets better, but previews show he’s LEAVING!! What?? Who will be the “V” in MVP?? Pauly will be lost without his P.I.C. (partner in crime) and wing man. Well at least he still has Deena, who sits at the foot of his bed when he is clearly in the middle of a “situation” She’s, a trooper. If you are lost, I am referring to how Deena followed Pauly into his room when he walked in there with Rider (Snooki’s friend) Let’s just say Pauly didn’t have the best intentions with this girl, and Deena put herself in an awkward position, although very funny for us to watch.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. Moving on.

Snooki’s drama with Mike (Situation) came right with them back from Italy. At this little reunion came Unit, who supposedly witnessed a shady occurrence between Snooki and Mike a couple months before Italy. This is bad news for Snooki who is trying to work things out with Gionni, her boyfriend, after she hooked up with roommate Vinnie. Unit and Mike keep taunting her forcing her into apologizing to Unit for calling him names while inebriated (OBVI, as she would say) the night before. I am crossing my fingers that Mike leaves poor Snooki alone. She seems like she is finally in love and happy. No more guido hunting for her. I guess, Mike doesn’t like this very much.

On a lighter note, Snooki is now at an incredible weight of 102lbs as she announced on Access Hollywood. She is looking better than ever. I have posted a link to the video of the interview on AccessHollywood. I won’t leave you guys wondering. She also confirmed her upcoming spin-off show with JWoww. Jenny called it the “Thelma and Louise of 2012”

Renee’s Cover Debut

Renee's Cover Debut

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