This week on Love&HipHop, Chrissy and Yandy have both met their wits end with their manager vs. girlfriend rivalry.  Chrissy was out with her girls in Miami trying to celebrate her engagement.  Chrissy confronted Yandy about a disrespectful email she saw. The email was sent to Jimmy asking him why he’s buying Chrissy bags, shoes, and jewelry.  This was the boiling point or Chrissy and she felt like taking this issue into her own hands. It ended up in brawl, of course.

Following up on light, happier, more important news. Chrissy and Jim Jones were at Hot 97 this week. They were interviewed by Angie Martinez about their new-found engagement. I was surprised to hear that Jim Jones wants his wedding in a small church to honor his grandmother. They made jokes about Vh1 having a wedding special. I think it would be a great idea or them to have a special. I know people are waiting to see this wedding. I am. I have posted a video link for this interview. Its worth checking out. You really see a side of the couple you don’t really get to see on the show. It is a nice relief from the bickering and arguing we always see on the show.


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