There is no party without PUNCH.

Yesterday’s MobWives really got us all excited for the season. The first half hour of this episode was so jammed packed with brawls, swears and of course, drama. This is nothing new for the mobster wives, as mentioned in my previous blog. The suspense was saved for this week . It was chaos. Watching the show it was hard to tell where the commotion all came from. Karen went outside to speak to Drita, with the excuse that they will make up.That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Drita and    Karen went for round two. Only this time Karen had Ramona, her cousin, in her corner of the ring. As Ramona walks up to “break” up the fight, somehow she gets involved leaving with a bloody mouth. Drita felt jumped and was left with a black eye. Renee is furious and kicks everyone out of the hall and leaves in devastation claiming that her party is ruined and now over.

Every event on this show to date seems to end in some type of boxing affair. Which leads me to the next bit of MobWives related news. Its more fun than news I would say. In my research, i stumbled upon a video spoof of the “lovely” MobWives,including actress Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill and Drea DeMatteo from The Sopranos. It is quite hilarious, especially for fans of the show.  I shared a link below. This is actually a link to Perez Hilton’s section on MobWives, but the original clip is from HBO’s Funny or Die series.

The end of the show ended with quite a surprise. It seems as though Renee and ex-husband, Mobster, Hector Pagan Junior seem to be patching things up in their relationship. Let’s see if he keeps his word to be faithful. Let’s see if they can be one big happy family.


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