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This week on Love&HipHop, Chrissy and Yandy have both met their wits end with their manager vs. girlfriend rivalry.  Chrissy was out with her girls in Miami trying to celebrate her engagement.  Chrissy confronted Yandy about a disrespectful email she saw. The email was sent to Jimmy asking him why he’s buying Chrissy bags, shoes, and jewelry.  This was the boiling point or Chrissy and she felt like taking this issue into her own hands. It ended up in brawl, of course.

Following up on light, happier, more important news. Chrissy and Jim Jones were at Hot 97 this week. They were interviewed by Angie Martinez about their new-found engagement. I was surprised to hear that Jim Jones wants his wedding in a small church to honor his grandmother. They made jokes about Vh1 having a wedding special. I think it would be a great idea or them to have a special. I know people are waiting to see this wedding. I am. I have posted a video link for this interview. Its worth checking out. You really see a side of the couple you don’t really get to see on the show. It is a nice relief from the bickering and arguing we always see on the show.

There is no party without PUNCH.

Yesterday’s MobWives really got us all excited for the season. The first half hour of this episode was so jammed packed with brawls, swears and of course, drama. This is nothing new for the mobster wives, as mentioned in my previous blog. The suspense was saved for this week . It was chaos. Watching the show it was hard to tell where the commotion all came from. Karen went outside to speak to Drita, with the excuse that they will make up.That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Drita and    Karen went for round two. Only this time Karen had Ramona, her cousin, in her corner of the ring. As Ramona walks up to “break” up the fight, somehow she gets involved leaving with a bloody mouth. Drita felt jumped and was left with a black eye. Renee is furious and kicks everyone out of the hall and leaves in devastation claiming that her party is ruined and now over.

Every event on this show to date seems to end in some type of boxing affair. Which leads me to the next bit of MobWives related news. Its more fun than news I would say. In my research, i stumbled upon a video spoof of the “lovely” MobWives,including actress Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill and Drea DeMatteo from The Sopranos. It is quite hilarious, especially for fans of the show.  I shared a link below. This is actually a link to Perez Hilton’s section on MobWives, but the original clip is from HBO’s Funny or Die series.

The end of the show ended with quite a surprise. It seems as though Renee and ex-husband, Mobster, Hector Pagan Junior seem to be patching things up in their relationship. Let’s see if he keeps his word to be faithful. Let’s see if they can be one big happy family.

JS Girls on AccessHollywood Today


This post is a little different today. IT’S T-SHIRT TIME! Yeap, new season of Jersey Shore premiered yesterday and I have recently added it as a category on this blog.  The crazy crew is back from Italy where they filmed season 4. They are back at Seaside for season 5. They are welcomed with a surprise seemingly coordinated by their boss.  This family reunion type event was pleasant for the cast but of course it brought some drama, for two of the members of the Jersey Shore house at least. The two lucky winners were Vinnie and Snooki.

For Vinnie; having his family there released a rollercoaster of emotions for him. He was ecstatic and beyond happy to see his family. However, seeing them slapped him like a ton of bricks and made him realize how homesick he actually is. Poor Vinny is depressed. We’ll see if he gets better, but previews show he’s LEAVING!! What?? Who will be the “V” in MVP?? Pauly will be lost without his P.I.C. (partner in crime) and wing man. Well at least he still has Deena, who sits at the foot of his bed when he is clearly in the middle of a “situation” She’s, a trooper. If you are lost, I am referring to how Deena followed Pauly into his room when he walked in there with Rider (Snooki’s friend) Let’s just say Pauly didn’t have the best intentions with this girl, and Deena put herself in an awkward position, although very funny for us to watch.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. Moving on.

Snooki’s drama with Mike (Situation) came right with them back from Italy. At this little reunion came Unit, who supposedly witnessed a shady occurrence between Snooki and Mike a couple months before Italy. This is bad news for Snooki who is trying to work things out with Gionni, her boyfriend, after she hooked up with roommate Vinnie. Unit and Mike keep taunting her forcing her into apologizing to Unit for calling him names while inebriated (OBVI, as she would say) the night before. I am crossing my fingers that Mike leaves poor Snooki alone. She seems like she is finally in love and happy. No more guido hunting for her. I guess, Mike doesn’t like this very much.

On a lighter note, Snooki is now at an incredible weight of 102lbs as she announced on Access Hollywood. She is looking better than ever. I have posted a link to the video of the interview on AccessHollywood. I won’t leave you guys wondering. She also confirmed her upcoming spin-off show with JWoww. Jenny called it the “Thelma and Louise of 2012”

New season of M…

New season of Mobwives opened with a bang and the first episode left us all in suspense. The episode opens up with Renee’s full body surgery.  It was in her words a “plastic surgery nightmare” She went in for a new derriere, in her opinion she lacked thereof.   She was bed ridden for 6 weeks. She seemed completely disappointed with the results of her surgery but that disappointment did not last long. She recently was on the cover of “Mobster Candy” Her confidence seemed to have turned over a new leaf. She celebrated surviving surgery with what she called a “Birthday Party” she invited all of the girls with the exception of Carla. Renee resented the fact the Carla seemed completely unconcerned with how Renee was doing after the surgery leaving her in the outs of the party.

Drita attends this party solo, being that Carla was her second half, she is left with the fact that Karen (her rival) will also be at this event. You know the suspense is building already. Episode 1 and already a hot babe brawl? Of course not, they made this a be continued episode. The juice will be in next week’s episode which I cannot wait to blog about.

Now on Love&Hip Hop, this week Chrissy finally gets what she has been waiting for. THE RING! Jim Jones finally proposes after 7 long years. Chrissy was at her wits ends with all the stress that comes from being Jim Jone’s woman. She planned a Miami getaway with the girls, Emily and Olivia to clear her mind and reconsider her relationship with Mr. Jones. To her surprise Jim Jones surprises her in Miami. She had no clue what he was doing there. She was even bickering with him a bit, but the red box shut her up real quick. The ring just brought her to tears. It was a long awaited moment for her and for Love&HipHop fans as well. Wedding bells next? A spin off wedding special??  Who knows what is next for the two, we still have the rest of the season to find out.

Yandy on the other hand isn’t experiencing much bliss. She is really considering making a drastic career move and thinking about quitting as Jim Jone’s manager.  She feels underappreciated and feels that she no longer is willing to compete with Chrissy.  Yandy went to Juelz Santana for advice and he asked her if leaving was something she really wanted. Yandy isn’t  going anywhere. She has been Jim Jone’s manager for too long. She is a smart business woman. She will not lose her career over silly rivalry. Only time will tell because this episode sure didn’t tell us anything about that situation.  Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Renee’s Cover Debut

Renee's Cover Debut

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